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Baba Yaga and the Wolf by Tin Can Forest (Pat Shewchuk & Marek Colek)
via Tin Can Forest

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My mom’s husband’s sisters have been staying with us this whole week. They live in Mexico and decided to visit since he had surgery done to his shoulder. Two days ago I was eating lunch with one of the sister and we we talked about how much we care about dogs. She said that her daughter and her now have ten dogs living with them. She also said that she feels bad anytime she sees a dog on the street but can’t rescue it cause ten is all she can afford. Then this morning we were all having breakfast and talked about the cost of living in Mexico compared to the US. So basically, an educated person in Mexico gets paid pretty much what I make in a week with my part time job but every fifteen days. Fucking crazy, right?! Now thinking about it, this woman is an angel on earth for having ten dogs living with her on her pay.

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